Sartorial Shenanigans

Sho shweet! This awkward situation isn’t Jagdeep’s fault; he really did buy fiance Helen1 an expensive sari on a whim, and his humorless boss really did appropriate it on the way home as a gift for his own wife instead. With the circumstances explained and the ruffled feelings smoothed over, one might imagine Helen not merely keeping hold of this humble article, but cherishing it as an emblem of the kind sentiments involved.

Hence my surprise and bemusement when a quartet of card-playing goondas later took notice of said humorless boss–

–and started tailing him with malicious intent–

–said handkerchief prominently gracing the bull-like neck of Goonda No. 3.

1A good girl–too good to dance one whit! Though fuller consideration of Khoon Khoon (1973) must await some future date, I figure anybody going in deserves preemptive notice re: the conspicuous absence of Helen songs ( ;


4 thoughts on “Sartorial Shenanigans

    1. She really does get a darling little side part in this film c: Circumstances tend to want to pit her against either fiance Jagdeep or dad Asit Sen, and she cheerfully but firmly insists on everybody playing nicely together.

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    1. I know–what a way to waste the talents on hand! She is lovely in this part–which was less of a pure timepass than Secondary Comedic Couple tacks usually are–but I kept waiting in vain for her to get up and dance, darn it!


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